Mission Leaders

The Team at CMT

Colca Mission Trips’ group of doctors and volunteers, are individuals committed with serving those in need. These professionals, are also the ones that will make sure the objectives of our organization are achieved and your trip experience is one of a kind.

Rogger Vizcarra, DC (Lead Chiropractor)

“The world we live in today is rapidly changing and very dynamic. As some countries and people are moving with the times, others are stuck behind and can’t really keep up. However, what most people fail to see is that these underprivileged people also have the tendency to solve issues and contribute to global development. All they need is an avenue to explore. At Colca Mission Trips, we are improving their health standards and by helping them live better lives, we are providing them with an opportunity to unlock their hidden potential”

Ricardo Badillo, DC

“I always wanted to help people live better and enjoy life to the fullest. Since joining Colca Mission Trips, I have had different avenues and opportunities to actualize this desire and that gives me the drive to go on helping others. I believe that one day, we’ll all live healthier, happier lives if we stick to humanitarian actions and efforts”

Daniel Sinclair, DC

“I was recently invited to be part of the Colca Mission Trips team. As a chiropractor, I feel proud to join their efforts but specially to serve as a facilitator by allowing this amazing profession to resonate more in the minds and hands of young students. It is a valuable experience and I am eager to witness both, patients and practitioners, benefit from the CMT chiropractic movement”

Dr. Luis Vizcarra (Geriatrics Specialist)

“There’s a divide in the world; some live in better conditions, others don’t. Some have access to quality health care services, others don’t. That’s simply how the world is. However, what makes us human and meaningful is the effort we make in lending a helping hand and providing aid to the people who aren’t as privileged as we are. Colca Mission Trips has given me a purpose and I’m fully committed to fulfilling that purpose”

Dr. Harry Vizcarra (Kinesiology Specialist)

“I believe that as doctors and medical practitioners, the reason why we study and eventually attain the position where we occupy today is to provide services that will improve health state of everyone; not just those around us, but everyone- as many people as we have access to. That is the simple reason why doctors exist. By not going out of our comfort zone to help underprivileged people, we as doctors have no purpose. That’s why I’m here. I’m simply fulfilling my purpose”

Carmen Orihuela (Special Coordinator)

“Whatever we can do to improve peoples’ health and help people live longer and better, we should. It’s not just in staying home, being comfortable and turning a blind eye to issues occurring in places beyond our borders. We have to step up and do something about it. It could easily be us in their shoes but for some reason, we escaped that horrible fate. At Colca Mission Trips, we’re not insensitive to the plight of those who are suffering”

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