Participant Agreement

Your Contract With CMT


This General Agreement document and the terms and conditions which are embedded within, fully establish the relationship between Colca Mission Trips LLC and you. By purchasing any of the available mission trip packages that we offer in our website, you are clearly stating your agreement to the terms and conditions herein.


Colca Mission Trips purpose is to offer service, learning, adventure and a group experience within the boundaries of safety, common sense and the law. While participating in this service program, participants must follow the stated instructional sequence and safety standards given by the staff. Unsafe actions taken by any participant are grounds for dismissal. Possession or use of weapons, illicit drugs, as well as sexual activity with local community members and unauthorized absence from the group are prohibited. We reserve the right to dismiss participants who we believe have violated any of the conditions for participation in our program, have become an overall hindrance to the group process or the stated goals of the program. Participants who are dismissed or who withdraw will travel home at their own expense. We reserve the right to deny participation of students or staff who have violated rules of our program.

You (the mission trip participant) agree and understand that you will not consume alcohol the nights prior to or same day as adjusting activity days. You understand inappropriate behaviors may cause dismissal of the program and/or may be prohibited to participate in further activities of the mission trip.

We reserve the right to refuse and/or rescind acceptance to a student at any point if we believe he/she is unsuitable for our programs for any reason including: health, physical ability, or behavioral history. If the participant has been found to lie on any form, their application or involvement in the program will be withdrawn.


A full payment of the early registration price or the regular price of any of the mission trips that we offer, will be made out to the PayPal account of Colca Mission Trips LLC. With this action, the trip dates become reserved.

The purchase price of any of the offered mission trips include; adjusting activity days at several locations. Transportation to and from the airport and to the adjusting sites are also fully included. The national airfare inside Peru to and from your final city of destination is also included with the exception of the fees for additional luggage or extra weight. All of your basic meals with the exception of one (the meal where you are free to dine on your own), as well as drinks that come with your meals and water bottles that we will occasionally hand you during your stay are all included in your package. During your Machu Picchu tour, for the ones who purchased the trip that contain this tour, only breakfast is included while the rest of your tour meals are your responsibility. Also, the hotel accommodations (while at the adjusting site and the tour locations) which start on double occupancy rooms, tours and excursions mentioned in any of the trip’s itineraries (excluding the entrance fees to special amenities within these activities), and the entrance fee for the New Year’s Eve celebration party (only for those who purchased the Peru’s Project mission trip) are fully included.

Things that are NOT part of the purchase price in any of the offered mission trips are; your international airfare plus any arising flight taxes as well as any additional luggage or extra weight charges on either your national or international flights. You should note that there will be a few additional fees which although not part of the normal trip costs, are part of your responsibility. These fees include, the entrance fee to special amenities and any other additional fees that can be collected at various touristic venues which are not part of the regular cost of the tours we offer. The “dine on your own” dinner is the single meal that you will have to cover out of your own pocket. Only for the trips with the Machu Picchu tour, travelers will have to afford all tour meals besides breakfast out their own pocket. Additional expenses like extra luggage storage, laundry services, supplemental safety boxes, and fees for taxi cabs are not part of the package you purchased. Finally, any gratuities for drivers, tour guides, translators, service and security personnel or at restaurants and other places we will visit are not included and for this matter US$20 will be collected from each participant at his/her arrival to the final city of destination so CMT can take care of this subject.


Any of the mission trips that we offer, will require from the participant to submit a copy of his/her current and valid passport via email attachment or picture message as well as an electronic signature of our waiver of liability, which is part of the purchase process for your trip and can also be found under the tab ‘Registration Form’ in our website. Prior to making certain reservations, Colca Mission Trips LLC and our third-party travel service provider will greatly require these documents.


Colca Mission Trips LLC offers quality service in consulting, booking and overseeing your trip arrangements by preparing comprehensive and feasible itineraries within the countries that we visit. On your behalf, we’ll take care of bookings and payments with a selection of various independent suppliers, such as hotels, restaurants, various means of transportation, private tour guides and other services which will be specified in the itineraries. Although these suppliers are not under our direct control, we can assure that they provide high quality services.


It is your responsibility to make certain you have a valid passport before your trip and that you meet all the necessary requirements for entry into the countries you are trying to visit. Due to the fact that these requirements are dynamic and usually vary by country, Colca Mission Trips LLC will do everything in its power to inform you of changes in general requirements, but we advise that you get informed and that you contact the corresponding embassy/consulate in your country of residence for any additional information.


Colca Mission Trips LLC is required to collect sensitive personal information (such as passport details). We assure you that your details will not be divulged to any third party (except when required for booking transport or other reservations as part of the trip) without your express written permission. By submitting your trip payment, you are consenting to Colca Mission Trips LLC collecting and using your personal information as required for planning your trip and providing you with the proper services.


Colca Mission Trips LLC strongly recommends that you register for an appropriate personal and health insurance before embarking on your mission trip with us, as it is a booking clause that you are solely responsible for ensuring that you carry the correct comprehensive travel and medical insurances to cover yourself, as well as any dependants, for the duration of your trip. The insurance that you purchase should include coverage in respect of, but not limited to, the following eventualities: cancellation of the trip, emergency evacuation expenses, medical and repatriation expenses and damage/theft/loss of personal belongings. COLCA MISSION TRIPS LLC, INCLUDING OUR REPRESENTATIVES, WILL TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY COSTS OR LOSSES INCURRED OR SUFFERED BY YOU OR YOUR DEPENDANTS, WITH REGARDS TO, BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY OF THE ABOVE-MENTIONED EVENTUALITIES. You will be charged directly by the relevant insurance providers for any emergency services which you may require and may find yourself in a position where you are unable to access such services if you’re not carrying the relevant insurance coverage. Prior to your departure we also urge you to review any medical concerns in regards to traveling abroad the United States.


By forwarding your fees to us, you certify that you do not have any physical condition that would make traveling unsafe, or that can put your health at risk while performing any of the physical activities that will take place during your selected mission trip. It is your responsibility to have received all the appropriate vaccinations and treatments that you have evaluated and decided necessary for your mission trip.


Travel involves risks, especially if it’s done abroad. Infrastructural standards may not match the ones you get at home. Medical facilities and services may be crude and inaccessible. During your mission trip, we may recommend some optional activities at some of the places you will visit. Some of these activities may be physically demanding and there is a risk of serious personal injury, you acknowledge that you perform them at your own risk. These optional activities include, but are not limited to; horseback riding, trekking, hiking, zip lining, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving, jet-skiing, etc. Be aware that your personal safety cannot be guaranteed and Colca Mission Trips LLC assumes no direct responsibility for your safety. AS YOU WILL BE TRAVELING TO HIGH ALTITUDE CITIES AND PLACES DURING SOME OF OUR TRIPS (LIKE AREQUIPA, CUSCO AND MACHU PICCHU), WE URGE YOU TO CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN THE TRIPS AND TAKE ALL NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS.


Upon your purchase of a particular mission trip, we proceed with bookings and payments on your behalf with involved independent suppliers and/or third-party providers; hotels, local guides, transportation companies, restaurants, airlines and tour operators. Colca Mission Trips LLC has no right to control their operations and therefore, travel arrangements for the trips are made on the condition that Colca Mission Trips LLC will neither be liable for the quality of the services given by any independent supplier or any unrelated third party providers nor for any act or omission. Similarly, Colca Mission Trips LLC cannot be responsible for any loss or inconvenience suffered due to sickness, lack of appropriate medical care, quarantines, strikes, fire, wars, civil disturbances, terrorist acts, thefts, acts of God, acts of local government or other authorities, adverse weather conditions, dangers incident to sea, land and air travel and other similar acts or incidents beyond our ability to control. Domestic flights are occasionally subject to overbooking, cancellation and schedule changes. If these occur, we will do everything in our power to assist you in boarding flights or finding alternate arrangements. It must be stressed that this is done as a courtesy to you and we cannot be held responsible for denied boarding or any additional costs thus incurred. We will also not be responsible for payments not recovered or for missed land arrangements due to airline delays or cancellations.


As the licensed doctors are taking responsibility for the patients under your care, all adjusting will be done with the guidance of a licensed DC. Therefore, all students who are participating of the adjusting activities should remain in constant communication with the doctors for any consult or specific direction they may need before any adjustment is performed on the patient. Students who are found to be adjusting outside of designated adjusting hours or without DC permission will place themselves in a position to be removed from the program at the expense of the student. This is intended to maintain the integrity of Chiropractic and the view the public may inherently gain when conducted in the country we are serving.


The cancellation, unused services and refund policy at Colca Mission Trips LLC, for all of the mission trips offered in our website, stands that in the event you decide to cancel your trip for whatever reason, if the cancellation happens up to 30 days before the trip you will be subject to a fee of 50% of the purchase price. If the cancellation happens within 30 days of the trip, the fee will be a 100% of the trip’s purchase price and you will unfortunately have to lose the whole amount you paid.


Colca Mission Trips LLC retains the right to make changes to your trip and/or may cancel your trip in particular circumstances; for instance, if your safety or the quality of the trip is deemed to be compromised. If we do cancel the trip, we will refund what you have paid us, but we cannot be held responsible for losses you may incur with third parties, such as airlines or hotels.

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