Participant Benefits

Impact on Missioners and Beneficiaries

Colca Mission Trips is a humanitarian organization founded with the objective of reaching out to people in third world countries that are in dire need of healthcare services. Part of the process of reaching out is through mission trips and relief-providing services, and this aspect is where we specialize in.

We at Colca Mission Trips will be embarking on several missions this year to offer free healthcare and chiropractic services to locals and citizens of Central and South American countries. The aim of these mission trips is to help the ill people who don’t seem to have enough to pay for basic healthcare amenities and services. We call on students and volunteers to join us as we take bodily liberation to the needy.

There are a lot of benefits that will accrue to our volunteers by participating in this mission trip. Students especially will find this trip to be of a great advantage; they get some much-needed experience and exposure to real-life situations. It will be more educational and they will get numerous opportunities to hone their chiropractic skills. By participating in this mission trip, they will come to find out that on returning to their various institutions of learning, they will undoubtedly be leaps and bounds ahead of their colleagues due to the degree of experience that they’ll receive. For other volunteers, the main benefit will be a feeling of fulfillment and the chance to interact with people who are living on the opposite side of the world in more than one way. They’ll be offering relief to poverty-stricken communities and will be part of an initiative that will put smiles across countless faces. It will be work as usual, although avenues for relaxation and leisure will also be abundantly present.

We also accept donations (both in cash and in the form of relief goods) from benevolent individuals and major companies and conglomerates. All goods donated to our cause will be branded with the logo of the appropriate company (or appropriate recognition of the donors, in the case of individuals). Most importantly, the reception of such individuals and companies in these countries will be improved as you’ll be seen as a humanitarian person or company with a concern for the public. Good publicity all the way.

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